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Mat time


Sometimes we take for granted our time on the mat. There are the days where I feel like I should just stay home or stay in the hotel and veg out. But after getting smashed for the hour and half and sitting around with my friends, I realize that why I always drag myself to the academy.  Good vibes, good rolls and even better friends!

Photo by WantVsNeed. Thanks Al!



First Video attempt: Rounders MMA – NABJJF 2012 No Gi

Went to go check out my brother compete the other day. I usually just put up the raw footage of his matches. But this time around I decided to spruce it up a little. This is my first attempted at editing a video. Tried to use the tips Phil used to teach me. Let me know what you think.

Team Wen Lai

I was at XS last night with Wen, Naoto and Eric.  Apparently, Wen was having a bummer of a day, but making 850+whp on his R33 cheared him up a little.  He was real adamant about me filming his 2-Step and I agreed.  But standing that close to burning race gas out of his tail pipe was not cool.  Especially with that new Q16 fuel he was using.  But the video came out pretty cool.


My friend recently got a flat and asked me to help him out.  I went to his house, put air in the tire and drove it to my buddie’s shop to get fixed.  I kind of knew something was up when I asked him if he drove around on it and he said he did take it to the store when it was flat.  Any ways, when we pulled the wheel off we found this.

That is a 12mm socket next to the tire.  If you don’t have run flat tires, do not drive on a flat and think it is alright.  If you do, have the tire changed out or you might end up with this ticking time bomb.

vegas baby!!

My boy Paul took us on a trip to vegas for some r and r.  This came at a much needed time.  With all the stress that has gone on in the past couple of weeks, I needed a trip like this to just chill.  We all met up at the airport and flew out for the day.  The hotel room was dope.  I have been in suites in vegas before.  But I never got the opportunity to stay in one.  The room was pimp.  This is the way to stay.  If you ever roll with a large group, get a suite.  You won’t be sorry.  Had some nice meals, chilled at the pool, won a little bit of cash.  All in all a good trip.  Thanks to all the homies that went and especially to Paul for setting the whole thing up. 

On the way there with the Geeky Mopster next to me.

The rest of the boys next to us.

Paul and Dan

This is the living room of the suite.  Yeah it has a living room.

One of two bedrooms on either side of the suite. It also had a huge bathroom for each bedroom with both a shower and a tub!

View from the room.

My new blog

Since everyone is on wordpress and urging from Bart, I am switching over to wordpress now.  Hi everyone!