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Pan Ams 2012


One of the big bonuses of training with Checkmat and living close to the tournament venues. Is we get guests from time to time. It just happened to be that this group of guest were really big guests.  World Champion and founding member of Checkmat, Rodrigo Cavaca, came through with his team for a light roll on the Friday night before they competed. But their light roll is me fending for my life! Awesome training with some really talented and nice guys.


Sunday Training


Got some good training in with some old friends. Its been a little challenging finding a place and a time we can all meet up. But with Bao opening up Rounders, we all have a place we can hang out at and get a roll in.


First Video attempt: Rounders MMA – NABJJF 2012 No Gi

Went to go check out my brother compete the other day. I usually just put up the raw footage of his matches. But this time around I decided to spruce it up a little. This is my first attempted at editing a video. Tried to use the tips Phil used to teach me. Let me know what you think.

New Days

I think this has been one of the longest breaks in posting on my blog in a while.  Since we last left off, I graduated from school, got a job and finally got a blue belt.  All things that were way over due in my life.  Seems like my fun days of racing are behind me and I have finally become a upstanding contributor to society… pssshhhh, hahahaha.  I got to ramp this thing back up though, seeing as my new job got me scheduled to travel a whole lot  in the coming months. Got to play this travel thing smart and get some sight seeing while I am on the road.

Sorry to all 6 of you that used to read this on a regular basis.  I am going to finally put some effort in this thing again. Seeing that I will have free time in my hotel room while I am on the road. This thing will probably be less and less about cars and more about jiu jitsu and the mindless babble that is my life. Until next time… hopefully it will be sooner than later.

Lotus Club Family, Socal

Pan Ams 2010

A couple weeks back was the Pan ams, at the same time the Formula D season opener was going on.  I was playing double duty going back and forth between Long Beach and Irvine for both events.  A surprise was that Phil came down for some work stuff. It was gnarly trying to balance everything out, but it worked out in the end.

Since I am not working for any teams this year, I spent most of my time at Pan Ams to watch my team mates compete.  My brother was also competing, so I made it a point no to miss his matches.  He ended up doing pretty well, losing to the guy who won the whole event.  This is always the best, as it makes you feel not as bad about getting beat.

Going to all these events, I realized how much fun it was to go to jiu jitsu tournaments.  There are a ton of good matches and there are a ton of even better looking chicks.  Well the second one doesn’t have anything to do with why you’re there, but it sure makes it better.

Props to Giva for going straight from the airport after Bao’s fight to coach everyone. They guy was there everyday until the end to make sure that everyone had someone coaching them.  LOTUS CLUB/ Team Oyama


Its been about 2 weeks since I got back on the mat.  Been trying to get at it the best I can with how much free time I have, but its tough to balance school, work and training.  But after being frustrated for the last 2 weeks trying to get my body acclimated to training again, things are finally starting to click.  Good thing I got a great instructor and some great guys to roll with.  If you are interested, stop by the gym and check it out.



Its been months since I step foot on the mat and my fingers are really paying for it.  Got a little incentive from my instructor to do the Pan Ams though.  Really considering it.