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Up In The Air


This is probably the longest I have ever neglected my blog. Ever since I entered the wonderful world of corporate indentured serving, I have found very little insightful things to post on here that might be detrimental to my “career”.  I do find myself frequenting airports all the time again though. The little nuances of flying have started to annoy me again. Laggers, elbow hockey players, kids, people who don’t control their kids, rude stewardesses, …. I can go on and on. I have found new ways of being efficient and ways to entertain myself. One of which is tablets.  Constantly learning new things everyday.

I am going to try to update this thing more with this new app. I know how much you miss my babbles and rants. Until next time space cadets..



Its always a good feeling when you see these light cause it means you are HOME!

Milling around

Our first attempt at setting the cam timing in on my motor ended up being a exercise in futility as every time we tried to set the dial indicator, the needle would walk.  After about an hour of frustration, Naoto suggested that we figure out a valve angle for the head and make a tool.  Honestly, I couldn’t really conceptualize what the hell he was talking about, but I just did what he asked me and called Japan for the data.

Since the guys over at Apexi have been nice enough to let me use their facility, I took advantage and helped myself to using the mill as well(well to be accurate, Naoto used the mill and I just helped him by cutting stuff).  After a couple hours of measuring and cutting, we came up this tool.  I moves in any position and keeps the shaft of the dial indicator in line with the retainer.  This way we can maintain the proper angle and keep the end of the shaft from walking as the valve travels up and down.

Metal arts and crafts is getting funner and funner! Hmmm, maybe I should make that splitter for the Civic…



 For some reason, people in Japan like to say you like this person or that person.  The comparison is usually someone famous. Unfortunately for me, everyone says I look like this super famous comedian (森山中の大島). Thats doesn’t sound that bad, except that she is a fat ugly girl.  Recently my friend told me I look like another comedian who is an angry dude (ケンドーコバヤシ).  Thats not as bad.  But I don’t think I look like either… well I do but it still sucks.

My first keitai


The first time I ever went to Japan, I was with Eddie and Naoto (Jan 2002). Since me and Naoto were there for a bit of time and we had to split up for separate work, he decided to buy a prepaid cell phone.  When I ended up moving to Japan, he gave me the phone and I have been using it ever since.  This thing has been a trooper for all these years.  But unfortunately, Softbank is killing 2G service as if next March.  They sent me a message that said I needed to upgrade to a 3G phone.  Which is not a bad thing, as I felt super embarrassed when I would whip the phone out in front of people I knew.  Lets paint the picture… You talk to a girl, convince her to give you her number and you break out Zack Morris’ phone… Yeah.  Its about time to upgrade.

The shit part? I have had the same number for the last 4 years and they won’t let me keep it. Oh well. Thanks little guy for holding up all these years. You will mildly missed.


There has been a bunch of news about this thing over the interwebs lately.  I couldn’t roll through Tokyo and not take a look at it.  After a night of nasty drinking, I got up (still drunk) and headed out there with the Phil and the Fatlace crew.  We met up Toshi and Chie in Shimbashi and headed to Odaiba. Seriously, this thing is pretty badass.  I was kind of bummed when the only part that moves is the head, but seriously… how bummed can you be.  Its a freakin life size Gundam. Now only if someone made a lifesize Veritech Fighter…

Kero kero

I just started messing around with different Photoshop techniques and figuring out how to edit the pictures so that they look half way decent.  Up until this point, I have only been sticking with the most basic of functions.  Taking more time than I thought it would, but the boss is working late on his own projects.  We were closed, but found this guy hanging out on the front door waiting for us.  Well… he was probably just looking for the billion bugs that chill on the door.