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Speaky Japanesy

Its been a while since I posted anything up.  I have been busy working on various projects and trying to figure out the direction of my life.  I have been pretty unmotivated to really shoot anything.  Quick briefing, been looking for a new gig.  AP Boss is not gone, just taking a hiatus to explore more profitable ventures.(to those of you who are chasing a unicorn, racing costs lots of money and not many people make any)  Went to a rave for Halloween.  Yeah I said rave.  Interesting to say the least.  Like it used to be and not at the same time.  Went to SEMA, nothing really exciting.  Old race cars, old products, old news.  I went with the intent on seeing specific people and companies.  So I blew through the show really quick.  Good to see some people I barely get to see.  Even ran into some celebrities… Well people who think they are atleast.  And bam here we are.

 So this post is really about a site I came across recently.  A lot of people, who have a real desire to learn, ask me what is the best way to learn Japanese.  It sucks to say, but the only way is to study.  I find myself forgeting the language from not using and not studying.  So back to the site.  I don’t know how I ran across this site but was pleasantly surprised when I delved deeper into it.  

The site is called www.japanesepod101.com The way that they present the language is easy to understand if you have a basic knowledge of the structure of the language.  The subject matter is more revelant to real life than My name is Dan.  I am an American.  I like Tennis.  Well I guess everyone has to start there.

 There are newbie lessons for people with no clue on where to start and intermediate for those who are further along.  For those people who are auditory learners, this is perfect to listen to in the car.   I have been listening to beginner season 2 and find it a little too easy.  I tried lower intermediate and it was pushing my limit of understanding.  But I guess that is what learning is all about.  If you are studying Japanese or want to learn some, this is a great learning tool.