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First Video attempt: Rounders MMA – NABJJF 2012 No Gi

Went to go check out my brother compete the other day. I usually just put up the raw footage of his matches. But this time around I decided to spruce it up a little. This is my first attempted at editing a video. Tried to use the tips Phil used to teach me. Let me know what you think.


Pan Ams 2010

A couple weeks back was the Pan ams, at the same time the Formula D season opener was going on.  I was playing double duty going back and forth between Long Beach and Irvine for both events.  A surprise was that Phil came down for some work stuff. It was gnarly trying to balance everything out, but it worked out in the end.

Since I am not working for any teams this year, I spent most of my time at Pan Ams to watch my team mates compete.  My brother was also competing, so I made it a point no to miss his matches.  He ended up doing pretty well, losing to the guy who won the whole event.  This is always the best, as it makes you feel not as bad about getting beat.

Going to all these events, I realized how much fun it was to go to jiu jitsu tournaments.  There are a ton of good matches and there are a ton of even better looking chicks.  Well the second one doesn’t have anything to do with why you’re there, but it sure makes it better.

Props to Giva for going straight from the airport after Bao’s fight to coach everyone. They guy was there everyday until the end to make sure that everyone had someone coaching them.  LOTUS CLUB/ Team Oyama


The first drift driver that I was a crew chief for was this guy.  After trying to work with half ass teams, he has decided to shoot out on his own.  Got to give the guy props for that.  I felt so bad for him, I even pulled a couple all nighters with the guy. Hopefully he can put together a championship run this year.

After busting ass for 2 weeks on a shoe string budget, he pulled off a 2nd place finish at the first event.  Should have took first but still not bad. But I would never tell him that. Tire companies out there, sponsor Quoc Ly. He is going to mop up the field this year once this car is dialed in.

Tony and Huyen’s Wed day


Even though my eye looked like I had eyeliner on it, I had to show up to my boy Tony’s wedding. I have known Tony a good portion of my life.  I had Sunday school with his sister since we were in second grade and known his family since then.  As much as we razz each other, the guy is always there for his friends and has found a great girl. 

We knew most of the people at the wedding so it was really comfortable. Figuring that we finished all the alcohol 3/4 of the way through the reception it was on the verge of out of control.  But super fun none the less. Congrats guys!

Drifting around

For the past week or so, I have been trying to help out my buddies Ed and Adam prep some cars for the opening event of this year’s Formula D series.  This year, the boys at Dynamic picked up a new driver, Eric O’Sullivan, and set out to build a driftspec Subaru GDB for him.  As time drew closer and closer, it became apparent that they needed a little bit of assistance. Ed asked me to come and lend a helping hand.  Unfortunately I caught a cold and was bed ridden for about a week.  As soon as I could suck it up, I went out there to do what I can for Adam.

After about a week of sleepless nights, for them not me. They got the car done.  Ed asked me if I could lend a helping hand at the track too, so I agreed.(this friendship is getting harder and harder by the minute)  After figuring out some issues with how to set the car up, we got Eric to qualify for the big show.  Robbie in the Z33 finished all the way to 4th place, a hair shy from podium.  All in all both cars did well and we collected some good data.  Hopefully they can push the results even higher for round 2 in Atalanta.  Props to the crew: Ed, Jason, Eugene, Braydon, Jeff, Paul and especially Adam who worked so hard he fell asleep under the car with a wrench in his hand.

Baseball and life

I have been really neglecting my blog lately.  Things seem to be so hectic lately with trying to do school and work.  What really jacked me was that I had deadlines and midterms all the same time the World Baseball Classic was going on.  Since I have been trying to follow sports, I was really looking forward to this year’s tournament.  Ever since they announced the teams, I have been talking about it with, not only my boss(Japan fan), but my buddy Jeff and Eddie as well(Korea fans).

We lucked out as Hankook tires, who is Eddie’s major sponsor, just so happened to be a major sponsor for the tournament.  Thanks to the generosity of Eddie and Paul at Hankook, we got to attend some of the games with comped tickets.  No matter where the seats are, its fun to got to a ball game.  But these seats were super sick!  For the game at Petco, we were right behind the Korea dugout.  For the Japan vs US game, we got logo box seats(second tier, between 3rd and home)

Since I couldn’t say no to the tickets, meant I had to suffer extra in my studying and work.  Ah well its was all worth it. Lets hope once the season starts, I don’t get dragged down watching the games.

Beat Junkies

When I was a sophomore in high school, I sat next to this dude that was a dead head. Slippers, dreads, band shirts, Dude was the quintessential hippie. Super nice guy. One day he asked me if I have ever heard of a group called Wu-Tang. I replied yeah I heard of them but never listened to it. He retorted with “dude you got to check them out. They talk about some crazy shit.”

That day I went to the Tower records that used to be at the Tustin Marketplace and bought Enter the 36 Chambers.  The only cd player in my house at the time was in the living room of my parents house. I sat and listened.(My parents came home while I was on Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nothing to Fuck With)

Before this point, all I knew was Gangsta Rap. That album changed my whole outlook on music and hip-hop as a culture.  It sounds a bit obscure now, but at that point in my life it was all that was relevent. I searched for more, Boot Camp Click, Gangstarr, A Tribe Called Quest.  As time rolled on, Djing became more and more popular. For LA heads it was all about the Beat Junkies. SF had the Picklez and the East Coast was the X-Ecutioners. But the Beat Junkies represented for LA.  They would play gigs all over LA, but I was always excited to see the Beatjunkies. Any time those dudes were doing a show, we would roll out. Over the years, I have met Rhettmatic though mutual friends randomly and the man is always gracious and humble.  Its been a really long time since I have been to a hip hop show, but I ran across Rhett’s twitter and found out they are doing a show coming up.  Who wants to roll?