Ramblings about happenings in my life.


Sunday Training


Got some good training in with some old friends. Its been a little challenging finding a place and a time we can all meet up. But with Bao opening up Rounders, we all have a place we can hang out at and get a roll in.



Its been months since I step foot on the mat and my fingers are really paying for it.  Got a little incentive from my instructor to do the Pan Ams though.  Really considering it.

In and out of Japan

A couple of weeks ago I got called to come back to the shop.  The funny thing was that I left for Japan when all my friends were coming back, literally.  This time around it was a super short trip.  I basically went there to work on a project and come straight home.  I would have stayed longer, but I had to make it back to go to school.

I basically went there to prep 87 laptops for software install.  I would have had more time, except that the customer didn’t pull the trigger for the contract until the last minute.  Needless to say, the project was done ahead of schedule and I had one free day at the shop.  Its getting tougher and tougher for the tuning industry in Japan, so we are expanding our services to things that don’t go fast.  At this point, we got to do what ever it takes to stay afloat.

Thanks to Albert, Tosh and Chie for showing me a good time in TYO!  Hopefully I can chill a little longer next time.


Naoto has been moved in to his house for a little bit now and we started to do some light work in his garage.  It was pretty apparent that small spots of oil where accumulating to a decent mess; that would only get worse over time.  After lots of thought, the guy finally decided on getting vinyl tiles. Not quite sure on the color, in the end it came out pretty nice.  It was actually quite easy to lay it down and shift into place.  Definitely a possible solution to flooring when you can’t roll coating.

Once we were done, Charlie had to break in the floor with some B-boy practice. Anyone want to join our crew?

Until next time…

disclaimer: I have been back from Japan for a month, but I have been super lazy about updating this thing. Thats probably why this is super long.

Japan this time around was filled work and more work.  Even though I lucked out and didn’t have to go to any events, the BOSS kept me pretty busy.  So busy the work has spilled into me doing work at home in LA.  I did make it a point to go stay out in Tokyo more than I usually do.  If I had a choice, I think this would be the best.  Work in inaka, party in the city and vacation in LA.  Could it happen? I hope so.


My final night in Tokyo I met up with my new friend Albert.  I actually have heard about him from a number of people before, but never actually met until earlier in my trip.  Super surprised in how we clicked.  Dude is into most of the things I am into and we both fall into the group of people that aren’t normally supposed to be in Japan, but are there anyway.  Newest member of Team BG, represet.  He turned me on onto an anomally that I never knew about. Really cute girls from Korea, studying Japanese and living in the Shibuya area.  Thanks buddy, I make sure you cookies are ready when you come home this winter.


We went to go meet up with Tosh and C-star for some dinner and drinks.  By chance Albert ran into his friend on the street that went out with us.  She told us about a bar across the street that served 190yen beers….!? Unheard of in Harajuku.  Here is where things started to get fuzzy.  Since I was on a time restriction with the train and everyone had things to do the next day, we pounded drinks for an hour and a half.  Since they were selling them for that cheap, we had to take advantage.   

When we made our final good byes, I walked to the train station with Albert realizing how drunk I was.  This is when things got fuzzy. Hoping on the Ginza-sen, I felt like one of those piss drunk salary men.  To the point that I thought I was going to hurl on the train itself.  Keeping my composure, I made it to Nihonbashi to realize that I forgot where my hotel was at.  I didn’t help that all the freaking alleys looked exactly the same at night time.

I made a quick stop at the combini and set out on journey to find my hotel.  It took about 20 min of roaming around until I figured out where it was. Success!  Thats about all I remembered.


Good friends, good times.  Thanks guys for making my last night in Japan super fun. Got to do it again next time.


I live on the Seal Beach/ Westminster border.  So that situates my house about 1omin from the beach.  I go to the beach, but its probably been a couple years since I took a dip in the ocean. My coworker and friend asked me to go with them to the beach in Niigata over the weekend.  I was super down to go as I have never really got a chance to check out the beach in Japan. We headed out to Omi, Niigata.

Honestly, I was a bit apprehensive about going to the beach. I have always had issues with my tattoos living in Japan. I don’t even think about them when I am in the states. But in Japan, sometimes it can get bothersome. Most of the time I hide them so I don’t stick out.  My friends reasured me that the guys we were going to meet up with were all blasted with tattoos too, so I shouldn’t be worried.  Even so, when we arrived, I had everything covered up.

To my surprise, when we entered the beach house, most of the people in there were all yanki. I mean you would usually be stoked about this, but it was the first time really, that I felt easy about looking like yanki. No covers, just shorts and t-shirt. Just like most of this trip, it rained that day. But still super fun to spend the day at the beach. Beers, yaki soba, bikinis, more beers and finish off the day with some really good Tonkatsu. Got to do this again the next time I come back for summer.