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Stuff Every Guy Needs To Have


Every man should own at least a basic set of tools. I probably take owning tools to the extreme, but I am never more frustrated than when I am trying to work on a project or my car at home and I don’t have access to my tools. I am sure not everyone cares to be so mechanically inclined. But don’t be the annoying guy that has to constantly borrow tools. (that means don’t ask me to borrow mine)

Sears is pretty affordable. But if you have to have the best, buy Snapon.  Thank you Ken Takahashi for fueling my addiction for tools.


Coming Home


Its been 3 weeks of being on the road and 2 weeks since I have seen my home mat. It feels really good to be home even if its for just a short period of time. Its great to roll with people I don’t normally train with to gain perspective on what I need to work on. But home is where the heart is. Looking forward to being home for the majority of next month.



Getting ready to go on yet another trip. It dawn upon me what happened on my last trip. I’ll never forget to pack my gi, but I will end up forgetting something like underwear. I guess I have my priorities in line.

Up In The Air


This is probably the longest I have ever neglected my blog. Ever since I entered the wonderful world of corporate indentured serving, I have found very little insightful things to post on here that might be detrimental to my “career”.  I do find myself frequenting airports all the time again though. The little nuances of flying have started to annoy me again. Laggers, elbow hockey players, kids, people who don’t control their kids, rude stewardesses, …. I can go on and on. I have found new ways of being efficient and ways to entertain myself. One of which is tablets.  Constantly learning new things everyday.

I am going to try to update this thing more with this new app. I know how much you miss my babbles and rants. Until next time space cadets..

New Days

I think this has been one of the longest breaks in posting on my blog in a while.  Since we last left off, I graduated from school, got a job and finally got a blue belt.  All things that were way over due in my life.  Seems like my fun days of racing are behind me and I have finally become a upstanding contributor to society… pssshhhh, hahahaha.  I got to ramp this thing back up though, seeing as my new job got me scheduled to travel a whole lot  in the coming months. Got to play this travel thing smart and get some sight seeing while I am on the road.

Sorry to all 6 of you that used to read this on a regular basis.  I am going to finally put some effort in this thing again. Seeing that I will have free time in my hotel room while I am on the road. This thing will probably be less and less about cars and more about jiu jitsu and the mindless babble that is my life. Until next time… hopefully it will be sooner than later.

Lotus Club Family, Socal


As a child, I was blessed with parents that liked to travel.  By no means where they rich, but my mom thought it was important for us to experience different places.  By the time I was old enough to to travel by myself, I had already been to a couple different countries and all over the US.

I have never shook the travel bug and I probably never will.  This is probably why I usually take jobs that send me all over.  Although living out of a suit case gets old after a while, there are still a couple places that I still really want to check out.  Obviously I would really like to go there just for leisure, but who has the time or money.  Hopefully one day I will.  I compiled a quick list of places I want to go.  Notable mentions are Japan for leisure and Hawaii.  Here is my list:

10. New York: I have been there many times over. But its been a while since I got to walk around the big apple.  I think now my perspective on it would be quite different as the main objective isn’t to get completely smashed every night.  Plus I have always had this dream about walking down 5th ave, during the holidays with my better half; like in the movies.  Just need to find a better half.

9. Korea: I have heard mixed reviews about this place. Some say its dirty and its not all it cracked up to be.  But I still want to find out for myself.  I heard partying here is dope. Thats basically it.  Don’t really care for anything else there.  Just food, partying and chicks.

8. Thailand: I went here when I was in 8th grade.  I just remember seeing the buddha from street fighter in real life.  I guess I want to see it as an adult now.  Plus some of my friends went to Koh Samui and it looked amazing.  But I hear its not so safe right now.  Hmmm…

7. Czech Republic: I have heard great things about Prague. Mainly that there are lots of hot chicks there. Mainly the reason I want to go.(this is my list damn it)

6. Taiwan: My friends have been telling me to go since I was in high school.  Everyone says its fun.  But I have been avoiding forever.  Not sure why I want to go, but I do.

5. UK: This is mainly for my interest in motorsports. The place is a hub for racing in Europe and I have always want to take a look inside the workshops of the best of the best.  Plus Naoto and I have always talked about going there to check what real drum and bass is all about.  Only thing is that the consensus is the food is horrible.  Everyone says the same thing food blows.

4. Netherlands: Specifically Amsterdam.  I don’t smoke weed anymore, but something about this place has always facinated me.  Everyone who has ever been here said that its amazing on so many different levels.  I am not only talking about tripping on shrooms.

3. Spain: My friend went there, came back married.  I wouldn’t mind doing the same.

2. Italy: This probably stems from my strict Roman Catholic upbringing but something about this place fascinates me.  Even though I have heard that Italians are racist, rude bastards, their culture, rich with history, makes up for it.  Their cars are amazing, their fashion is impeccable and the women are gorgeous.  I can deal with the part that its birthplace of the guido douche bag.

1. Brazil: My interest was sparked by mainly training jiu jitsu.  Then its continued by the sheer number of super models that are pumped out from that place.  Added with the fact that my buddies recently went and all came back saying that its the greatest place ever.  I some how feel a need to check it out for myself.  I really never had a desire to go until recently.  Now I think it has climbed to be at the top of my list.


Its been months since I step foot on the mat and my fingers are really paying for it.  Got a little incentive from my instructor to do the Pan Ams though.  Really considering it.