Ramblings about happenings in my life.

AP Boss

Idle time

I was watching my buddy working for a day and a half making this bracket.  When he asked me what I thought, I told him “you have too much time on your hands.”  He laughed.  Must be nice to not have to build a new car in the off season.


That old feeling

Its no secret that I have been pretty jaded when it comes to cars in the last couple of years.  Dumbass customers, whack margins, shitty trends have all but killed my love for something that I used to be so passionate about.  If it wasn’t for finding new things to learn about and friends dragging me back in, I would probably not do anything with cars and be a bit happier.  But every once in a while you find something to rev your engine back up. (no pun intended)  Seeing this thing on the dyno and riding around in them has done that. You turn up the boost and it makes more power.  Amazing! Lets see how long this lasts for…

In and out of Japan

A couple of weeks ago I got called to come back to the shop.  The funny thing was that I left for Japan when all my friends were coming back, literally.  This time around it was a super short trip.  I basically went there to work on a project and come straight home.  I would have stayed longer, but I had to make it back to go to school.

I basically went there to prep 87 laptops for software install.  I would have had more time, except that the customer didn’t pull the trigger for the contract until the last minute.  Needless to say, the project was done ahead of schedule and I had one free day at the shop.  Its getting tougher and tougher for the tuning industry in Japan, so we are expanding our services to things that don’t go fast.  At this point, we got to do what ever it takes to stay afloat.

Thanks to Albert, Tosh and Chie for showing me a good time in TYO!  Hopefully I can chill a little longer next time.


So what started as supposed to be a head gasket swap and cam install turned into a complete tear down when I inspected my bearings.  From looking at it, besides having a bit of oil starvation, something had come out of the crank and marred my bearings up. The only conclusion that I could really come to was that there must have been debris lodged inside the crank galley and decided to come out to say hello to my bearings once it filled with oil.  I never really took the time to have the plugs removed on the crank. I guess I’ll never make that mistake again.

This time around, I decided to take the crank to dudes that only do cranks.  Right next to Triumvir’s office, there is a shop called Marine Crank.  I have always heard about them in engine building circles, but never really took the time to look into them. But I figured, hell if all they do is cranks, they got to be pretty damn good at it.  So I asked them that the best route was.  They sent me away to a place called Jerry’s broken drill and tap removal.  I had been to this place before about 10 years ago, but just to have time serts installed in a head.  Apparently the steel balls that seal up the crank is super hard to get out and they have a special machine that burns them out.  The machine is pretty cool looking and they do a super good job to not damage the crank, so don’t be surprised when you get the bill. (honestly, I was a bit shook when I got the bill, but its kind of worth it)

I took the crank back over to Marine and they worked their magic on it.  I had the oil holes chamfered, the journals micro polished and the galleys tapped. Total bill, around $200.  But after I give it a good cleaning, I can at least be relieved that I won’t have shit spitting out of the crank onto my bearings.  I recommend this for anyone that has had their crank out and polished.

Beauty in the details


 I have been cooped up in my make shift studio for the last couple of day shooting product shots for our site update.  We just got in our new Evo X manifold and the boss asked me to take new photos of it before we installed it in our demo car.  This might not mean much to majority of people, but it seems to put a smile on my face.  I don’t think I will ever have the steady hand to pull this off.

After all this time

We just starting using Hondata at the shop and I have been helping them get acquainted with the S300.  This Integra is a customer that bought the complete Toda engine setup, complete with ITB.  More so than the engine, working on this car reminded me of how much I still like the DC2 platform.  Especially with the C-West kit on it.  Still looks super nice to me till this day.  I can just do without how loud and stiff it is to make it fun for the canyon/track.

Rack updates


 Our alignment machine is still running on Windows 98.  Yeah, I said 9-8.  Although it generally is trouble free, every once in a while it has issues.  We had to call our dealer for some tech support.  After fixing a driver issue, they informed us that we should update the newer released cars.  If we were on XP, all we would have to do it plug in a jump drive or tap into the net.  That is if we were on XP.